Digital Coaching Certification
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Thanks!  You should be hearing something within three weeks via email from

In the meantime, please be sure your profile is complete, be sure you are getting coached by one of our coaches for experience, and begin coaching clients so we can review at least four transcripts.

You can begin coaching anytime, whether your clients are paid or you coach them for free. Remember, we require demonstrated ability with at least 4 clients for your certification, so get started with it while you are waiting for your exam to be graded.

Get an overview of the entire process here:

For help using the interface, see our FAQs:

For general users and getting started:

For coaches and the coaching interface:
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We're sorry, but your score on the multiple choice portion of the test does not qualify you to go on to the essay portion of the test.

We recommend that you study by using our Digital Coaching Resources wiki
and take the test at a later date.
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